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Here you can learn about the symptoms, causes, diagnoses and treatments of a broad range of illnesses. Look here for complete information on common diseases and conditions and health resources for yourself or someone you care about. Learn how to manage your health and body.

How the body works

Any soul that has a physical body should understand the basics of the body's operation. "Why do we eat and what happens to the food we eat?" is the question to ask. When we understand the answer, we will begin to appreciate the nature of health and disease.

Food consumption is vital-most life forms on this planet need to consume some sort of "food" to exist and maintain expression, and most people will die if they stop eating, although there have been a few exceptions to this rule. A handful of individuals have consumed only air, which consists of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen (these elements are the sugars, fats and proteins at higher frequencies). This scenario, however, is extremely rare and one must be very spiritually connected to achieve this.

We eat for additional energy. We know that our cells are cities within themselves and are conscious entities; each cell knows its specific duties. We know that spirit-the life force, consciousness, or whatever you wish to call it-is the inner force that holds and molds life into forms and gives it awareness. Nevertheless, cells need an external source of energy to sustain themselves in activity.

Most people chew and swallow their food without thought of how or why it is utilized within the body. We assume that if its edible, its useable by the body. This just simply isn't so.

Eating, digesting, absorbing, utilization, and elimination are ongoing and consistent processes. When one or more of these processes is impaired, the body as a whole begins to suffer. It may take many years for a major symptom to appear, but appear it will. There are always signs along the way, however, including fatigue, obesity, excessive thinness, bags under the eyes, rashes, constipation and/or diarrhea, to name just a few.


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